May 2017: Full Moon in Scorpio

Angels with the full moon~

It’s 4:29am as I type this blog post…
Quite unlike me to be up so late…
I am feeling literally on fire within as I write these words.

The full moon in Scorpio shining in the sky is linking us with her light across this planet,
right now, and I am inspired by Her.

I just saw a Facebook post from my sister Gina, just outside of New Orleans, that nudged me in to writing this blog post this evening, and so here I am, fully inspired to share, feeling a connection to my sister, as I am thousands of miles away, and a whole Ocean away…

And here where I am in Nice, the French people are celebrating newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, who is addressing the American people and Donald Trump inviting us all to come to France. In France, they like innovative people who are interested in a healthy planet and shining a light on climate change, he says.

Deep Breaths.

Our world is at a very clear turning point, and the United States has a person at the helm of our ship who does not have our best interests, or our planet’s best interests.

No matter how you voted, it is high time for us all to just face this fact.

The Elephant in the Middle of the Room.

Breathe in, and see the truth as it is.

It’s ok. No bad you, no bad me,
We are all doing the very best we can, with what we have…

“Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou.

It can be humbling to admit when I have made a mistake,
but that is exactly what this moment is asking us ALL to do…
here and now…
take a moral inventory of ourselves and Clean House.

How do we find our power when all Hope seems lost?
Take it back.
From all the places we gave it, consciously and unconsciously.
From all the places it was taken from us, or never even taught to us.

For me, I am finding my sanity by coming to France.
And Italy.
I am breathing in to the spaciousness that travel provides.

And I am on a quest to unwind generations-old trauma from my body,
and from the body of my biological family,
and the bodies of our people in general here on planet Earth.

I am curious about the long-term effects of colonization,
witch burning, racism, slavery, oppression, and dominance.

I am curious about how to go about healing these things,
starting with myself, and
traveling in to my family roots of origin to investigate how things came to be,
and how we can unwind the trauma in the collective, and the individuals.

Big task, you say? Yes, it is….and it is not just for me to do…
I am clear that this kind of work is here for ALL of us to do.

I see it as our collective task:
to name, face and unwind the trauma
that has led to the sort of insanity that is presenting itself in every corner of our world,
and in our families.

I worked really hard to get myself here to France,
and it also took *a lot* of Grace and Divine Intervention
in the form of lovely human beings who believe in me and support me.
(thank you, to all of you. I love you, and I receive your gifts~!)

The polarization that exists in the world is ready to shift,
and I believe that we are all ready to come in to a more harmonious configuration,
which needs to happen on the double!

What can I do?
I’m just a small person…
and the White House isn’t even taking our calls,
our votes don’t matter…
our representatives are in some sort of haze,
forgetting about everything that matters most.

For me, I am using this moment to dig even deeper…
I’m digging back, and as much as I can on this trip,
I will visit poignant sites that help me to physically reconnect
with the sources of some of the pain that exists in my physical body…
specifically for me on the right side of my body,
which I identify as my masculine/paternal side.

I am continually in the study of microcosm and macrocosm.
that we are each reflecting something that is much bigger than any of us, individually.

How does All That exist within me?
How am I polarizing my relationships?
How am I turning people in my life in to enemies to be defeated,
rather than wounded people, like me, who need healing, connection, forgiveness
and love?

On this Full Moon in Scorpio, I recommit to Unity Consciousness.
And if for any reason, I have hurt you, personally,
I’m sorry.
Please Forgive Me.
Thank You.
I Love You.

I can always do better in realms of forgiveness, “self” and “other.”
Let’s clear some Karma together.
And an actual conversation goes a really long way for the actual delivery of a thorough karma clearing,
It takes courage…I’m not going to lie.
Some of these conversations have me shaking in my boots, here and now…
but, it is time.
High Time.

Life Is Precious.
It will help to lighten our planet as a whole when so many of us begin to stand in 100% ownership of the creation of our own experiences, and verbally release any guilt, shame, resentment that we may be carrying in our own hearts.

I did this.
I created this.

Now that I can admit this,
I can create Something Different,
without dragging the past with me.

Rather, I get to learn from the past, and then I can access it later,
should I need to remember how certain choices played out,
and if I want to go down the same or a different route,
I can choose more consciously this time.

This creates a rippling effect, a domino effect,
and I truly believe that if enough of us align with this practice here and now,
aligned with this 3-day window that the full moon gives us, of total pure, beautiful Light…I sincerely believe that we can actually take this Light into our beings with our breath, and begin to learn how to do our own clearings, so that we can better serve at a time when our people and our planet need all hands on deck,
here and now.

So on this Full Moon in Scorpio, I am calling for a collective, individual and planetary moonlight meditation…let’s shine the soft moonlight into our own hearts and let’s call this healing forth, for ourselves and each other, and for the ones who we call our leaders.

The moon, with her 28-day cycle helps us with these clearings…in 2 weeks, we will have the dark of the moon, the new moon…and perhaps then, after this clearing, we’ll be able to see what new seeds are wanting to get planted, what actions are wanting to happen, within our own lives, our families, our communities and our world.

Thank you to my dear Sister-Momma-Friend, Sabine Mead, for teaching me about the four phases of Scorpionic development so many years ago:

1. Scorpio: We spend all of our time stinging ourselves and each other.
2. Phoenix: We burn ourselves down to ashes, then rise like never before.
3. The Eagle: We seek higher elevations to gain perspective.
4. The Dove of Peace: Ultimately, this is The Goal.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize: Peace. Healing. Union. Love.
Thank you for reading this.
Full Moon Blessings,

Womb of Light

As I type this, I am due to be in two places at the same time:
(my story since the beginning of 2017, for me~)

1. Helping to paint the new Ashland High School Wellness Center
Room #H39 for its grand opening on May 8th.

2. Over at the Jackson Wellsprings Outdoor Seamana Stage putting final touches on the stage and the grounds to welcome our community TONIGHT to our one-night-only show,
“Womb of Light: A Ceremonial Performance.”

With perfect imperfection, all the things will get done, maybe not by me,
which has also been my theme song over the past few months,
as I have been preparing this year
to birth myself into the new and improved 40 years-young model of myself.

My birthday is October, 25th, 1977…
the same day as my grandmother Stella Krzton’s birthday,
and several friends, dear little Hummina, daughter of dear friends, Meixa and Av,
and wild, free, musical medicine-man, Solus Matthew,
and of course, Picasso!

This year I will be 40.
On my last 39th birthday,
I became painfully aware of several places where my heart, my Soul’s mission,
and the realities of my external life were not aligned.

And it was getting more and more painful all the time.

I made a big decision to go where the flow was,
where I felt invited and welcomed,
which led me to Standing Rock to work in the Medic area as a massage therapist, there.

I only lasted a week before getting sick, myself,
and needing to go home, to avoid being a burden to the already taxed community there, which was multiplying by the hour with people from all over the world,
rallying in support if the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota people
gathered there to protect the water.

While I was there, though,
I gave 30 people deep tissue massage sessions,
including Lakota grandmothers, peaceful warrior men,
friends from all over the planet there to help,
one woman who was seriously injured by a concussion grenade,
and one little girl,
minutes before a call went out over the camp loudspeaker
to gather all women and children to the Dome,
out of fear that child protection services was going to come
and round them all up, and once again in Native history,
seek to break apart families,
attempting to weaken and threaten the people in that way,
as has been done for 500 years.

Being a sensitive being myself,
who walks with varying degrees of my own PTSD,
it was a very unique experience to go into a peaceful village,
surrounded by a war zone, and offer calm, and nurturing touch.

The experience of giving safe, calm, nurturing touch to those beautiful beings
entered my own body in ways that words will never touch.

I heard the call from the Lakota elders while I was there in the women’s meetings,
to take these teachings and learnings back to our own communities,
and so I started to think about how I could best
bring the messages I learned there,
back here to Ashland, and beyond.

I started to weave my education, my skills, my privilege,
my dreams, my visions, my abilities, and my light
along with my shadows and shortcomings together, and frustrations with society,
all together,
and what was birthed was the Resilience and Resistance Training Class.

Womb of Light: A Ceremonial Performance is the final project
of the deep work of 21+ people in our community,
committed to being peaceful warriors and helping to weave our community together
in even more warm, compassionate and functional ways.

The result hasn’t always been pretty.

This has been a 14 week process,
beginning with Imbolc, the midpoint between
the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

This week, this process comes to a close, here at Beltane,
the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

This alignment is intentional…
the creation of a community building project
to carry us from the darkness of winter, through the rebirth of spring.

Womb of Light acknowledgment of the shadows, the darkness, our personal and community challenges, and seeks to shine the light within our own hearts to harvest our gifts, our skills, our talents to help turn this ship around together.

As the vessel for this project, I see this moment as a crucial learning moment for our community and our world…a moment of evolution from self awareness to awareness of the collective, a moment of evolution from isolation to interdependence. And I see this moment as only just beginning. Womb of Light seeks to truly proclaim this evening as a very real turning point for us as individuals offering you our gifts tonight.

We have each grown in unimaginable ways over the course of this 14 week process.

Womb of Light also seeks to declare this place, this stage, this land, this valley, as a womb of light, quite literally opening up the portal for even more brilliance, beauty, creativity, contribution, community-weaving and learning
to shine through from this day forward.

May this place where we are
be the Epicenter of Global Transformation
that we all want it to be.

From this day forward,
may we all declare ourselves Epicenters of Global Transformation…
and Truly, Truly we can help each other
to BE the Change we are Wishing to see in this World.

If you are local, please join us:
Womb of Light: A Ceremonial Performance
Jackson WellSprings
Seamana Amphitheater
6-9 pm

After being educated by Dan Wahpepah, a local teacher of Decolonization,
to ask permission from the Thirteen Grandmothers
to use their photo as inspiration for this project,
it brought tears to my eyes to receive this message back from their representative:“Good blessings on your project,

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers”

What an honor to receive the blessing of these elders from around the world who shared a common vision to unite in protection of our planet and our people.

Also, birthing simultaneously with this project, is the Ashland High School Wellness Center, which is the heart-child of Kate Joss-Bradley, a senior at AHS, and Libby Edson, founder of Yo Mind, a program that brings yoga to schools,
and so many of us across the planet who have wanted our young people
to have a safe space to go, and access to just the help and support they are needing~

It’s been an honor to step on board for this project and serve.
If you would like more information about this project,
and how you can get involved, feel free to reach out.

In May, if all goes according to plan, I will be headed to Nice, France for a priestess initiation in the lineage of Mary Magdalene, and then to Rome, Italy to teach at the Goddess Temple there, for the 1 year anniversary of the opening of this temple.

If you would like to contribute to my pilgrimage,
here is a link:

Thank you for reading all of this, and blessing me with your Presence and your Prayers as we move into Opening Night, and the Opening of this Center, and the Opening of my 4th decade of life, with a brand new way to work for the good of all beings.

Please know that whatever you are going through, or have gone through,
is valuable fuel and treasure for whatever unique contributions are wanting to be born through you, too, one day at a time.

All Hands On Deck.
Let’s turn this ship around.


Without Alteration~*

“Stop Wars” ~Mural by Street Artist Eduardo Kobra at Wynwood Arts District/Miami

It’s January 3rd, 2017, and I am a human being here on Earth who is definitely Awake,
as much as I can be, given my conditioning, and the toxic waters of colonialism, capitalism, militarism, misogyny, xenophobia, and racism, and on and on…
that I was born into, like you, probably.

And I’m guessing that even if you thought you were awake before,
now you are undeniably aware of the vast spectrum of consciousness
that exists on our planet, with our people today.

And I’m guessing you’d like to see the vibes rise, too, and for peace to prevail.

This weekend, my spiritual community will celebrate King’s Day.
This is a day that we set aside to offer up our spiritual works for the year leading up to this day. Then, we start over.
On King’s Day, in my community, we ask ourselves,
am I offering these works up to the Creator with alteration, or without alteration?

I ask myself this question, knowing that my Intuition, the Voice of My Higher Power that speaks to me in meditation, speaks clearly, isn’t altered, doesn’t stutter, and isn’t vague.

It’s up to me to do exactly as I’m guided, or to “alter” my guidance, and then I get to accept the results of whatever I have chosen to create, as a creator-being myself.

I share this intimate part of my own spiritual practice with you to say that as I come up this holy day for me, personally, I come to this day with more sobriety and awareness than I’ve ever had before.

My own complacency, hesitancy, reactivity, unconscious and conscious power-plays,
and tendency to repeat unhealthy patterns consciously,
(the ways I personally “alter” and “rebel” against my clear, internal guidance)
are louder than ever this year,
as I take stock and inventory of my own life.
And when I look at the state of our world, I have a feeling I’m not alone.

An old schoolmate watched one of my recent videos, and posted that she’s happy to see I’m still a cheerleader! What a great reminder. I am a cheerleader. I am a Cosmic Cheerleader, and I am cheering for myself and you and our world right now to wake up!

We have collectively been distracted, checked-out, self absorbed, caught in drama, stuck in the realms of personalities and egos. Now, it is time to transcend together, and stop buying into the illusion of separation.

It is officially time to link arms, connect laterally and walk forward together, as One.

The real work is at a personal and community level.
We must build bridges in our communities, and in our homes, no matter what.
Ultimately, there are no sides on a round planet.
We are all bozos on the bus.
We’re all in this leaky canoe together…you get the point.

It comes down to seeing the shadow in the “other” and making peace with those shadows, knowing that they exist within our own being, first and foremost,
and our beloved one is just reflecting those shadows back to us, so that we can heal.

This awareness, acceptance and compassion practice will begin to create the internal strength that we are needing this year to be able to stretch ourselves into the bigger spheres of local, state and nation wide political realms.

We are voting with our money this year.
Well, we always have been, but now we are more conscious of how we will be spending each and every dollar, and how we will be earning it, saving it, investing it.
We get to return to the land.
Pull our money out of big banks that support fossil fuels.
Stop driving so much.
Stop buying gas.
Let’s get creative.
Really Creative.

In fact, let’s Co-Create, Baby!

Here’s my part: I’ll be personally hosting several local classes here in Ashland and on line, for my larger community. My mission is to inspire and unite our planet’s superheroes…
to invite you out of hiding and to join me, and allow me to support your greatness as your Ally in Transformation. I am also available for Skype sessions and phone sessions.
If you are physically in the Ashland, Oregon area,
I offer deep tissue massage therapy work,  and
transformational somatic coaching sessions at my office on East Main Street,
in the heart of beautiful and wonderful Ashland.

Let’s Do This.
We got this.

It’s time to bring our best selves forward.
Best party tricks.
Dancing Shoes!
And LOUD voices, connected to our HUGE Hearts,
calling out what no longer serves the Greatest Good,
and investing in the Future we want the children to Inherit.

The Internal Voice that Knows is getting louder and louder…
let’s not alter the message that we are collectively hearing…
the call to unite, the call to Peace, the call to Collaborate,
the call to stretch out of our comfort zones,
the call to live more simply, the call back to Mother Nature.

Deep Breaths.
Reach Out if you need support.
These are brand new times for all of us.
We are being called to Unite, Now.
Let’s Rise Up, Together.
Schedule Your Private Session with Jaime Powell, here~*

Ashland Locals: Resistance and Resilience Training: Imbolc to Beltane 2017

April Full Moon in Scorpio~

I’m writing this latest blog on day 4/100 of the 100 day Artist’s Challenge.
Gratitude to friend and fellow catalyst, Marielle Hare,
for offering this opportunity for growth.

The air is buzzing with the tension of Revolution.

Last night, I had the opportunity on the Full Moon to hold the space
for a group of super creative, intelligent and sensitive young people to express themselves.

In the circle, I could tangibly feel the change of the times.
This generation of young people sees the devastation of the current society,
the necessary crumbling of old hierarchical structures,
and they feel and see so deeply the need for something new, different, better.

My current quandary is about leadership.
I am noticing that as an “adult” who has struggled and suffered in my own ways,
I bring a vibration that can be irrelevant to the young ones that I am serving.
Embracing the guidance to “step up and step back” is so important when leaning in to this territory. As an authority figure and an adult, it is necessary that I recognize that people like me are always talking usually “at” youth rather than facilitating real connection, understanding and support.

I find it important to have my own self care team in place so that I am doing my best to keep the room clean of my own agendas and wounds,
so that I can be as present as possible to what is actually arising in the room.

This is a new day, and requires a new way to be a leader, and a teacher…
by being an equal conscious partner and ally.

Young people are brilliant and wise, and
will tell you exactly what they want to learn if you ask.
Then, as a “teacher” it is up to me to learn from this process of mutual learning and growth. It seems to me, in the young people that I encounter,
that there is an extra special and keen “bullshit” monitor that this generation has installed…they have a software upgrade, so to speak!

And it is my experience that I get to be on my toes,
prepare myself for my interaction with these ones,
so that I remember and recognize who it is I am addressing:
the future leaders and caretakers of our people and our planet.

The Revolution that I feel and experience is a deep call
to empowerment
that our people on the whole are receiving,
and a big calling for compassion,
true listening and team building.

To catalyze and facilitate this revolution,
it is a true honor to be able to offer my healing heart and hands to people of all ages.

Sharing meditation and yoga, catalyzing life-coaching conversations,
and therapeutic massage therapy and bodywork
are all ways that I offer the experience to my fellow humans
to take an intentional moment to truly meet and experience themselves,
so that as they move forward from our particular dance together,
there is an even deeper knowing and trusting of one’s body-wisdom,
heart’s intentions/prayers, and clear action steps
to anchor these realizations into their present-life situations.

In my own creative realms, I am delighted to be channeling my own big energy
into a book and continuing education courses for massage therapists and bodyworkers, specifically around touch and consent and the prevention of sexual abuse and trauma.

I want to stand as cause and catalyst for a world
where all ages are deeply respected and honored for the medicine that each of us brings. Elders are venerated, their stories are heard, and their guidance received.
Youth are invited to share their unique perspectives,
being the ones in our tribe who have most recently been
on the other side between life and death.

The particular wisdom and intuitive gut-knowing
that young people have access to is very important for our society to be able to hear.
Being heard, valued and respected,
youth have a greater opportunity to grow into adults
who extend the same compassionate way of being
and dynamic co-creation with their fellow humans.

So, it is my experience that every word that I utter,
especially to the youth, (especially to myself and you)
is crucial in the creation of a better tomorrow.

That being said, I personally, have a lot to learn and
a lot to share about communication and
facilitation of this next generation’s
emergence into adulthood.

I welcome opportunities to connect about this topic,
to support each other as allies for youth,
so feel free to reach out and contact me personally,
through email or by phone.

Jaime Powell
Transformative Arts Collaborations

New Moon Musings: December 2015

This has been one of the hardest, most challenging and most deeply transformative years of my life. I began this year in a bit of a funk, to say the least…
I’d been struggling with lonliness and a broken foot, and was in a bit of a downward spiral.

A friend from Ashland, Oregon called, listened to me babble through tears, and offered to fly me there to visit from my home in North Carolina. As soon as I arrived, I felt home,
and home in a way I hadn’t felt before…room to spread my wings, room to be myself, room to discover more about who I am and what I came to this planet to do. So I moved here in May, and I have been through the *ringer!* Each struggle, each challenge has invited me deeper into my soul…and here I am at the end of the year, stronger than I have ever been, like a ninja, a warrior-woman,  a truly bold ally for the people who invite me to play on their team.

As I type this entry, now, here on the night before the last new moon of the year, I am amazed at the vision that is presenting itself for the year ahead. I have a whole new foundation under my feet. I have gotten re-wired in beautiful ways. The visions I have for the year ahead are the ones I’ve been fantasizing about for years. But this time, I can actually taste them, touch them, hear them, feel them and smell them.

My 2016 vision involves a partner, a new car, a cross-country trip traveling and doing the playful work I do (singing, yoga, bodywork, young people yoga and meditation camps)
at each place where we decide to hang our hats…and then ending up in Brazil, in the rainforest, on the banks of the Amazon to play with the children there, to learn their songs, about their medicine, and to take what we learn back to our communities here in the states.

I am taking my 38th trip around the sun right now, and life is actually getting more fun and easier than it has ever been. I see the process of manifesting dreams, and is not actually all that “woo-woo.” There’s really no “tricks.”

Just being imaginative, creative, committed and
ready to roll your sleeves up and do some work.

And at this point in my life, not only do I have the skill set down for manifesting my dreams, for speaking life into them, but I also have the beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energies within me, beautifully balanced and in harmony, so that I can actually tangibly manifest these visions, and use them as the roadmap that I experience dreams and fantasies as…a commercial/preview for what’s in store, “if” we work for it.

And, my work *is* my play.
I love what I do.
I love what I love.

And the new, firmly anchored reality I’m experiencing that is making all of this possible…
I actually love who I am.

On the New Moon Eve, I want to encourage you to get wild and free with your imagination for 2016…What would *you* do if there were absolutely no limits?

May these visions dance in your dream-scape tonight, and provide you with just the inspiration you need to take yourself and your dreams seriously in 2016…
or better yet, starting NOW.

All Love,

Flourishing as Individuals, Flourishing as Collective!


“We are circling, circling together, we are singing, singing our heart song.
This is family, this is unity, this is celebration, this is sacred.”
Listen to “We are Circling”

Lit up. On fire. Heart open. Clear and Clarified. Laser Focused.
These are just some of the gifts I just received from the
Social Artistry Odyssey for Emerging Leaders.
What is Social Artistry?

As the Fall Equinox approaches,
I am so delighted to be opening up my catalyzing, group coaching work
to a bigger audience…my SPARK project has led me to create an alliance with the Odyssey and Social Artistry movement, and to open up my upcoming life coaching course to include social artists of all genres and all interests!
(Click here to learn more about *Actualize!*)

Circles are so crucial in our society…equal conscious partnership and shared power, and I am so honored to be facilitating a circle that transcends time zones and perceptions of spacial boundaries! Actualize! Register Here~

The circle I will be facilitating from Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice is intended to encourage participants to call their own circles, aligning with the phases of the moon, connecting to our Mama Earth, her seasons and her cycles. It is such a powerful and vibrant time to be alive, as the old structures crumble and it is such an honor to hold the space for so many amazing people as they step into their amazing dreams and visions and realize that we truly are the ones we have been waiting for.

An additional part of the seasonal circles that I facilitate is the individual attention in the form of one on one in person, phone, or Skype coaching sessions. This is an amazing aspect to the work I offer as it allows for the vulnerability of being seen, the intimacy of being heard, and the accountability that comes from having an ally with you heart to heart.

I am here.
I am ready for you and your project to be fully actualized,
in the beautiful, natural, harmonious
time frame that is best for you both, our people, and our planet.

We are the Epicenter of Global Transformation.
Let’s do this.

Viva Transformation!


One month from this week, the Solstice will be here. Personally, this past season, (Spring in this hemisphere) has served as a beautiful container for my own powerful life changes. For example, I am writing this blog post from Kealakekua Bay, on the Big Island in Hawai’i, then I will fly to my new home in Ashland, Oregon. These are huge changes for me, after dreaming of Hawai’i for years, and living in North Carolina for the past 12 years.

Me and fruit
Also, another long-term dream realized:
I just helped to bring a 7 day retreat to a close, here at Whale Song retreat center, overlooking the bay. This amazing retreat center was home to 5 women from Japan, who were elevating their own beings by studying energy work, practicing yoga, and receiving massage, exploring the volcanic land, and the amazing ocean waters. It was my greatest pleasure to prepare the meals for these amazing women, to share yoga, and to offer bodywork and massage.
It is such a deep honor and pleasure to help create different high-energy spaces, conducive to transformation and healing.

As I rest from the close of this week’s retreat, the breeze here is inviting me to rest, integrate, and absorb the good energies we created, and simultaneously, I am hearing the call  to open my bi-annual Solstice to Equinox Courses. This course begins on the upcoming Solstice and goes through to the Equinox. Participants from all over the world meet in group together, and with me, for private sessions, by phone. We also enjoy the use of Facebook, for 24-hour access to our team;s support and inspiration.

Each year, my offering expands, and the participants diversify.
And today, I am opening my heart, and calling out to attract the perfect constellation of people for this journey, coming up in 3 weeks.

The first year that I offered this course, it was only for circus arts performers. Then, the circle expanded to include a variety of amazing people looking for the perfect container to help manifest their dreams and visions, within the course of a season.

Within the course of this seasonal journey, with my unique support, and that of our unique group support, people have gotten very clear about relationship changes, career moves, re-locating, taking on a new hobby…the list goes on and on of things people were just waiting to do, and just needed the right motivation to do so.

I myself, also share the shifts and changes that I am seeking to implement, and during my own course, I have moved, enrolled in massage school, graduated, begun a new career path, transformed relationships, and strengthened my own self care.

Whether or not you join me for this course, please consider using the seasonal shifts, and moon cycles to help create a container for your own transformations…these cycles are very significant,
and offer time frames that are in harmony with the Universe. Noticing changes from new moon to new moon, solstice to equinox, provide a check in point that allows us to really behold the growth that occurs, as well as the rhythm of our old patterns that are ready to be dissolved into Mama Ocean!

(I can’t help but to use an ocean metaphor, as the rhythm of my own breath is in sync with the waves and the ocean-breeze!)
Ocean View

I have found it to be much more effective to make changes in my life with the help of a coach and a team…there is the benefit of accountability, being seen, celebration, mourning, and confidentiality that allows me to keep the momentum moving forward, all the way until I reach my goal, or all the way to the Something Even Better arises!

Please consider joining us this season, and give yourself the gift of a coach, a team, a program, and deepening connection to Nature and Her cycles~