Without Alteration~*

“Stop Wars” ~Mural by Street Artist Eduardo Kobra at Wynwood Arts District/Miami

It’s January 3rd, 2017, and I am a human being here on Earth who is definitely Awake,
as much as I can be, given my conditioning, and the toxic waters of colonialism, capitalism, militarism, misogyny, xenophobia, and racism, and on and on…
that I was born into, like you, probably.

And I’m guessing that even if you thought you were awake before,
now you are undeniably aware of the vast spectrum of consciousness
that exists on our planet, with our people today.

And I’m guessing you’d like to see the vibes rise, too, and for peace to prevail.

This weekend, my spiritual community will celebrate King’s Day.
This is a day that we set aside to offer up our spiritual works for the year leading up to this day. Then, we start over.
On King’s Day, in my community, we ask ourselves,
am I offering these works up to the Creator with alteration, or without alteration?

I ask myself this question, knowing that my Intuition, the Voice of My Higher Power that speaks to me in meditation, speaks clearly, isn’t altered, doesn’t stutter, and isn’t vague.

It’s up to me to do exactly as I’m guided, or to “alter” my guidance, and then I get to accept the results of whatever I have chosen to create, as a creator-being myself.

I share this intimate part of my own spiritual practice with you to say that as I come up this holy day for me, personally, I come to this day with more sobriety and awareness than I’ve ever had before.

My own complacency, hesitancy, reactivity, unconscious and conscious power-plays,
and tendency to repeat unhealthy patterns consciously,
(the ways I personally “alter” and “rebel” against my clear, internal guidance)
are louder than ever this year,
as I take stock and inventory of my own life.
And when I look at the state of our world, I have a feeling I’m not alone.

An old schoolmate watched one of my recent videos, and posted that she’s happy to see I’m still a cheerleader! What a great reminder. I am a cheerleader. I am a Cosmic Cheerleader, and I am cheering for myself and you and our world right now to wake up!

We have collectively been distracted, checked-out, self absorbed, caught in drama, stuck in the realms of personalities and egos. Now, it is time to transcend together, and stop buying into the illusion of separation.

It is officially time to link arms, connect laterally and walk forward together, as One.

The real work is at a personal and community level.
We must build bridges in our communities, and in our homes, no matter what.
Ultimately, there are no sides on a round planet.
We are all bozos on the bus.
We’re all in this leaky canoe together…you get the point.

It comes down to seeing the shadow in the “other” and making peace with those shadows, knowing that they exist within our own being, first and foremost,
and our beloved one is just reflecting those shadows back to us, so that we can heal.

This awareness, acceptance and compassion practice will begin to create the internal strength that we are needing this year to be able to stretch ourselves into the bigger spheres of local, state and nation wide political realms.

We are voting with our money this year.
Well, we always have been, but now we are more conscious of how we will be spending each and every dollar, and how we will be earning it, saving it, investing it.
We get to return to the land.
Pull our money out of big banks that support fossil fuels.
Stop driving so much.
Stop buying gas.
Let’s get creative.
Really Creative.

In fact, let’s Co-Create, Baby!

Here’s my part: I’ll be personally hosting several local classes here in Ashland and on line, for my larger community. My mission is to inspire and unite our planet’s superheroes…
to invite you out of hiding and to join me, and allow me to support your greatness as your Ally in Transformation. I am also available for Skype sessions and phone sessions.
If you are physically in the Ashland, Oregon area,
I offer deep tissue massage therapy work,  and
transformational somatic coaching sessions at my office on East Main Street,
in the heart of beautiful and wonderful Ashland.

Let’s Do This.
We got this.

It’s time to bring our best selves forward.
Best party tricks.
Dancing Shoes!
And LOUD voices, connected to our HUGE Hearts,
calling out what no longer serves the Greatest Good,
and investing in the Future we want the children to Inherit.

The Internal Voice that Knows is getting louder and louder…
let’s not alter the message that we are collectively hearing…
the call to unite, the call to Peace, the call to Collaborate,
the call to stretch out of our comfort zones,
the call to live more simply, the call back to Mother Nature.

Deep Breaths.
Reach Out if you need support.
These are brand new times for all of us.
We are being called to Unite, Now.
Let’s Rise Up, Together.
Schedule Your Private Session with Jaime Powell, here~*

Ashland Locals: Resistance and Resilience Training: Imbolc to Beltane 2017


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