J’aime Danielle Powell

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Jaime D. Powell is an ally for humanity, an Inspiring Creative Courageous Genius, the founder of Transformative Arts Collaborations and Prosperity Circles.

Most recently, Jaime  had the unique and life changing opportunity to serve on the Lakota Reservation at Standing Rock, North Dakota in the Medic Yurts. In the Ashland area in the past year, Jaime has taught yoga at Ashland High through YoMind, and has mentored youth through the Rose Circle Mentoring Network.

She has served as space holder and life coach at Sacred Circularities in Bali, Indonesia, and for Hoop Convergence in North Carolina, and has also served the amazing people of all ages who attend the Girls Rock, NC camps and Women’s Rock Weekend Retreats, sharing workshops on Body Confidence and Band Dynamics.

As a life coach, Jaime has worked with all ages from very young, creative children, to mothers being reborn, world-traveling adventurers, and rock-star college students.

In 2013, Jaime took on her own personal challenge of exploring Transformation through touch, by immersing herself in a 1 year massage therapy and bodywork training program at Body Therapy Institute, where she not only received very powerful personal healing, but also acquired the tools to use touch as a healing medicine, and is now a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist. (OR LMT# 21678)

heart-jaimeBorn and raised in New Orleans, Jaime was exposed to a very unique culture, and dealt with many big topics very early on, such as addiction, violence, attention span, body image and food issues, and financial scarcity mentalities.

 These realities required a great deal of thought and learned behavior to sustain, and finally Jaime had enough, and she decided to unravel, let go, and shift her realities into exactly what she wanted, or something even better.

 A series of events led Jaime to create her own support team, and consciously begin to heal.

One such event was a near-death experience, in 2002, which Jaime got the opportunity to choose, navigate, and participate fully in her own healing process, and she continues to allow that experience to be a source of strength and power.
Jaime uses her own metaphorical death and rebirth experience to work with others
going through their own death and rebirth processes.

From that experience, Jaime realized that she wanted to dedicate her life to being an advocate and ally for people, and so she created a style of life coaching incorporating yoga, journaling, movement, personal fitness training, and compassionate listening and communication modalities as a way to create intentionally amazing and meaningful lives.

This combination of life coaching, bodywork, massage, yoga, journaling and conscious, intentional conversation leads to inevitable transformation and evolution.
Jaime considers it a total blessing and gift to be a solid guide in all of these realms.

She is a naturally gifted performer, a hooper (!) a puppeteer and a stilt-walker.
Along with these very physical forms of expression, she has also developed a strong capacity for neurolinguistics and intentional creation. Jaime’s life work forms the perfect complement for hoopers, artists, performers, and creative, desirous individuals.
Combined with her love of social activism and spiritual practice, she combines all of these skills to consciously allow new higher vibrations to emerge.

 Jaime is a most powerful, effective and relevant ally to have on your team as you create beauty, connection, prosperity, sustainability, art and other positive shifts in our world.

 She operates from the radical paradigm that struggle is optional, and real dynamic transformation can be facilitated through pleasure, joy and authenticity. The lessons she is learning and sharing are all about equal conscious partnership, ecstatic fulfillment, abundance, prosperity, community and collaboration.

In her personal life, she is committed to a daily practice of meditation, prayer, journaling, being with plants, community building, eating local/healthy food, laughter, intimacy, touch and physical movement.

She is committed to walking here own talk,
making her life a living masterpiece,
so that she can thoroughly support you in doing the same,
delving into the shadows to find the internal light and power source within
to be able to shine even more brightly in this world,
that so needs us all, here and now~


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