May 2017: Full Moon in Scorpio

Angels with the full moon~

It’s 4:29am as I type this blog post…
Quite unlike me to be up so late…
I am feeling literally on fire within as I write these words.

The full moon in Scorpio shining in the sky is linking us with her light across this planet,
right now, and I am inspired by Her.

I just saw a Facebook post from my sister Gina, just outside of New Orleans, that nudged me in to writing this blog post this evening, and so here I am, fully inspired to share, feeling a connection to my sister, as I am thousands of miles away, and a whole Ocean away…

And here where I am in Nice, the French people are celebrating newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron, who is addressing the American people and Donald Trump inviting us all to come to France. In France, they like innovative people who are interested in a healthy planet and shining a light on climate change, he says.

Deep Breaths.

Our world is at a very clear turning point, and the United States has a person at the helm of our ship who does not have our best interests, or our planet’s best interests.

No matter how you voted, it is high time for us all to just face this fact.

The Elephant in the Middle of the Room.

Breathe in, and see the truth as it is.

It’s ok. No bad you, no bad me,
We are all doing the very best we can, with what we have…

“Do the best you can until you know better.
Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou.

It can be humbling to admit when I have made a mistake,
but that is exactly what this moment is asking us ALL to do…
here and now…
take a moral inventory of ourselves and Clean House.

How do we find our power when all Hope seems lost?
Take it back.
From all the places we gave it, consciously and unconsciously.
From all the places it was taken from us, or never even taught to us.

For me, I am finding my sanity by coming to France.
And Italy.
I am breathing in to the spaciousness that travel provides.

And I am on a quest to unwind generations-old trauma from my body,
and from the body of my biological family,
and the bodies of our people in general here on planet Earth.

I am curious about the long-term effects of colonization,
witch burning, racism, slavery, oppression, and dominance.

I am curious about how to go about healing these things,
starting with myself, and
traveling in to my family roots of origin to investigate how things came to be,
and how we can unwind the trauma in the collective, and the individuals.

Big task, you say? Yes, it is….and it is not just for me to do…
I am clear that this kind of work is here for ALL of us to do.

I see it as our collective task:
to name, face and unwind the trauma
that has led to the sort of insanity that is presenting itself in every corner of our world,
and in our families.

I worked really hard to get myself here to France,
and it also took *a lot* of Grace and Divine Intervention
in the form of lovely human beings who believe in me and support me.
(thank you, to all of you. I love you, and I receive your gifts~!)

The polarization that exists in the world is ready to shift,
and I believe that we are all ready to come in to a more harmonious configuration,
which needs to happen on the double!

What can I do?
I’m just a small person…
and the White House isn’t even taking our calls,
our votes don’t matter…
our representatives are in some sort of haze,
forgetting about everything that matters most.

For me, I am using this moment to dig even deeper…
I’m digging back, and as much as I can on this trip,
I will visit poignant sites that help me to physically reconnect
with the sources of some of the pain that exists in my physical body…
specifically for me on the right side of my body,
which I identify as my masculine/paternal side.

I am continually in the study of microcosm and macrocosm.
that we are each reflecting something that is much bigger than any of us, individually.

How does All That exist within me?
How am I polarizing my relationships?
How am I turning people in my life in to enemies to be defeated,
rather than wounded people, like me, who need healing, connection, forgiveness
and love?

On this Full Moon in Scorpio, I recommit to Unity Consciousness.
And if for any reason, I have hurt you, personally,
I’m sorry.
Please Forgive Me.
Thank You.
I Love You.

I can always do better in realms of forgiveness, “self” and “other.”
Let’s clear some Karma together.
And an actual conversation goes a really long way for the actual delivery of a thorough karma clearing,
It takes courage…I’m not going to lie.
Some of these conversations have me shaking in my boots, here and now…
but, it is time.
High Time.

Life Is Precious.
It will help to lighten our planet as a whole when so many of us begin to stand in 100% ownership of the creation of our own experiences, and verbally release any guilt, shame, resentment that we may be carrying in our own hearts.

I did this.
I created this.

Now that I can admit this,
I can create Something Different,
without dragging the past with me.

Rather, I get to learn from the past, and then I can access it later,
should I need to remember how certain choices played out,
and if I want to go down the same or a different route,
I can choose more consciously this time.

This creates a rippling effect, a domino effect,
and I truly believe that if enough of us align with this practice here and now,
aligned with this 3-day window that the full moon gives us, of total pure, beautiful Light…I sincerely believe that we can actually take this Light into our beings with our breath, and begin to learn how to do our own clearings, so that we can better serve at a time when our people and our planet need all hands on deck,
here and now.

So on this Full Moon in Scorpio, I am calling for a collective, individual and planetary moonlight meditation…let’s shine the soft moonlight into our own hearts and let’s call this healing forth, for ourselves and each other, and for the ones who we call our leaders.

The moon, with her 28-day cycle helps us with these clearings…in 2 weeks, we will have the dark of the moon, the new moon…and perhaps then, after this clearing, we’ll be able to see what new seeds are wanting to get planted, what actions are wanting to happen, within our own lives, our families, our communities and our world.

Thank you to my dear Sister-Momma-Friend, Sabine Mead, for teaching me about the four phases of Scorpionic development so many years ago:

1. Scorpio: We spend all of our time stinging ourselves and each other.
2. Phoenix: We burn ourselves down to ashes, then rise like never before.
3. The Eagle: We seek higher elevations to gain perspective.
4. The Dove of Peace: Ultimately, this is The Goal.

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize: Peace. Healing. Union. Love.
Thank you for reading this.
Full Moon Blessings,


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