Flourishing as Individuals, Flourishing as Collective!


“We are circling, circling together, we are singing, singing our heart song.
This is family, this is unity, this is celebration, this is sacred.”
Listen to “We are Circling”

Lit up. On fire. Heart open. Clear and Clarified. Laser Focused.
These are just some of the gifts I just received from the
Social Artistry Odyssey for Emerging Leaders.
What is Social Artistry?

As the Fall Equinox approaches,
I am so delighted to be opening up my catalyzing, group coaching work
to a bigger audience…my SPARK project has led me to create an alliance with the Odyssey and Social Artistry movement, and to open up my upcoming life coaching course to include social artists of all genres and all interests!
(Click here to learn more about *Actualize!*)

Circles are so crucial in our society…equal conscious partnership and shared power, and I am so honored to be facilitating a circle that transcends time zones and perceptions of spacial boundaries! Actualize! Register Here~

The circle I will be facilitating from Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice is intended to encourage participants to call their own circles, aligning with the phases of the moon, connecting to our Mama Earth, her seasons and her cycles. It is such a powerful and vibrant time to be alive, as the old structures crumble and it is such an honor to hold the space for so many amazing people as they step into their amazing dreams and visions and realize that we truly are the ones we have been waiting for.

An additional part of the seasonal circles that I facilitate is the individual attention in the form of one on one in person, phone, or Skype coaching sessions. This is an amazing aspect to the work I offer as it allows for the vulnerability of being seen, the intimacy of being heard, and the accountability that comes from having an ally with you heart to heart.

I am here.
I am ready for you and your project to be fully actualized,
in the beautiful, natural, harmonious
time frame that is best for you both, our people, and our planet.

We are the Epicenter of Global Transformation.
Let’s do this.

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