Jaguar Mary“I have witnessed and enjoyed the benefits of J’aime Powell’s skills as a facilitator,
mentor and community member for over three years.
The personal connection she makes with those she assists is imbued with the qualities of presence, clarity and integrity.
Many Sacred Circularities retreat guests spoke of J’aime’s ability to listen and bring in useful communication and awareness-building tools to coach them into self-affirming practices and beliefs.”

Jaguar Mary:I am a hooper, dancer, filmmaker, media artist and community visionary. In 2010, I started Sacred Circularities, an international hoop dance and movement meditation gathering in Bali, Indonesia and Sedona, Arizona.”

Nina Beauty“Working with J’aime I found myself working with the degree to which I was alive, intentional, and pursuing agency. The safe and conscious container she fostered inspired trust and connection, which helped me to move through vulnerability with greater ease towards more fulsome communication and change. I find her integrity, the ways in which she pursues living in accordance with her ideals on all levels, incredibly inspiring.
Her offerings are numerous and cross disciplinary.”
*Click Here to see Nina’s Amazing Aerial Artistry
*Nina’s Video Poem: A beautiful glimpse into Nina’s work and passions~

Scott Crews“J’aime brings a calm, balancing vibration to every event she attends. Thoughtful, intentional and devout to a kind, peaceful path, J’aime’s strength, humility and comedic disposition also add to her character as a truly unique and talented force in this world.”
Click here to learn more about this amazing man and his work and play! ❤

“I had the opportunity to participate in Jaime’s 3 month group coaching program, and her skills really shone with this group, which was quite diverse. Jaime gathered us together in a way that helped us bond our commonalities as human beings, and helped us heal together in that light.”
To learn more about this Beautiful, Wonderful Woman and Medicine Hoop, Click Here!

Video testimonials

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