Viva Transformation!


One month from this week, the Solstice will be here. Personally, this past season, (Spring in this hemisphere) has served as a beautiful container for my own powerful life changes. For example, I am writing this blog post from Kealakekua Bay, on the Big Island in Hawai’i, then I will fly to my new home in Ashland, Oregon. These are huge changes for me, after dreaming of Hawai’i for years, and living in North Carolina for the past 12 years.

Me and fruit
Also, another long-term dream realized:
I just helped to bring a 7 day retreat to a close, here at Whale Song retreat center, overlooking the bay. This amazing retreat center was home to 5 women from Japan, who were elevating their own beings by studying energy work, practicing yoga, and receiving massage, exploring the volcanic land, and the amazing ocean waters. It was my greatest pleasure to prepare the meals for these amazing women, to share yoga, and to offer bodywork and massage.
It is such a deep honor and pleasure to help create different high-energy spaces, conducive to transformation and healing.

As I rest from the close of this week’s retreat, the breeze here is inviting me to rest, integrate, and absorb the good energies we created, and simultaneously, I am hearing the call  to open my bi-annual Solstice to Equinox Courses. This course begins on the upcoming Solstice and goes through to the Equinox. Participants from all over the world meet in group together, and with me, for private sessions, by phone. We also enjoy the use of Facebook, for 24-hour access to our team;s support and inspiration.

Each year, my offering expands, and the participants diversify.
And today, I am opening my heart, and calling out to attract the perfect constellation of people for this journey, coming up in 3 weeks.

The first year that I offered this course, it was only for circus arts performers. Then, the circle expanded to include a variety of amazing people looking for the perfect container to help manifest their dreams and visions, within the course of a season.

Within the course of this seasonal journey, with my unique support, and that of our unique group support, people have gotten very clear about relationship changes, career moves, re-locating, taking on a new hobby…the list goes on and on of things people were just waiting to do, and just needed the right motivation to do so.

I myself, also share the shifts and changes that I am seeking to implement, and during my own course, I have moved, enrolled in massage school, graduated, begun a new career path, transformed relationships, and strengthened my own self care.

Whether or not you join me for this course, please consider using the seasonal shifts, and moon cycles to help create a container for your own transformations…these cycles are very significant,
and offer time frames that are in harmony with the Universe. Noticing changes from new moon to new moon, solstice to equinox, provide a check in point that allows us to really behold the growth that occurs, as well as the rhythm of our old patterns that are ready to be dissolved into Mama Ocean!

(I can’t help but to use an ocean metaphor, as the rhythm of my own breath is in sync with the waves and the ocean-breeze!)
Ocean View

I have found it to be much more effective to make changes in my life with the help of a coach and a team…there is the benefit of accountability, being seen, celebration, mourning, and confidentiality that allows me to keep the momentum moving forward, all the way until I reach my goal, or all the way to the Something Even Better arises!

Please consider joining us this season, and give yourself the gift of a coach, a team, a program, and deepening connection to Nature and Her cycles~


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