New Moon Musings: December 2015

This has been one of the hardest, most challenging and most deeply transformative years of my life. I began this year in a bit of a funk, to say the least…
I’d been struggling with lonliness and a broken foot, and was in a bit of a downward spiral.

A friend from Ashland, Oregon called, listened to me babble through tears, and offered to fly me there to visit from my home in North Carolina. As soon as I arrived, I felt home,
and home in a way I hadn’t felt before…room to spread my wings, room to be myself, room to discover more about who I am and what I came to this planet to do. So I moved here in May, and I have been through the *ringer!* Each struggle, each challenge has invited me deeper into my soul…and here I am at the end of the year, stronger than I have ever been, like a ninja, a warrior-woman,  a truly bold ally for the people who invite me to play on their team.

As I type this entry, now, here on the night before the last new moon of the year, I am amazed at the vision that is presenting itself for the year ahead. I have a whole new foundation under my feet. I have gotten re-wired in beautiful ways. The visions I have for the year ahead are the ones I’ve been fantasizing about for years. But this time, I can actually taste them, touch them, hear them, feel them and smell them.

My 2016 vision involves a partner, a new car, a cross-country trip traveling and doing the playful work I do (singing, yoga, bodywork, young people yoga and meditation camps)
at each place where we decide to hang our hats…and then ending up in Brazil, in the rainforest, on the banks of the Amazon to play with the children there, to learn their songs, about their medicine, and to take what we learn back to our communities here in the states.

I am taking my 38th trip around the sun right now, and life is actually getting more fun and easier than it has ever been. I see the process of manifesting dreams, and is not actually all that “woo-woo.” There’s really no “tricks.”

Just being imaginative, creative, committed and
ready to roll your sleeves up and do some work.

And at this point in my life, not only do I have the skill set down for manifesting my dreams, for speaking life into them, but I also have the beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energies within me, beautifully balanced and in harmony, so that I can actually tangibly manifest these visions, and use them as the roadmap that I experience dreams and fantasies as…a commercial/preview for what’s in store, “if” we work for it.

And, my work *is* my play.
I love what I do.
I love what I love.

And the new, firmly anchored reality I’m experiencing that is making all of this possible…
I actually love who I am.

On the New Moon Eve, I want to encourage you to get wild and free with your imagination for 2016…What would *you* do if there were absolutely no limits?

May these visions dance in your dream-scape tonight, and provide you with just the inspiration you need to take yourself and your dreams seriously in 2016…
or better yet, starting NOW.

All Love,

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