Womb of Light

As I type this, I am due to be in two places at the same time:
(my story since the beginning of 2017, for me~)

1. Helping to paint the new Ashland High School Wellness Center
Room #H39 for its grand opening on May 8th.

2. Over at the Jackson Wellsprings Outdoor Seamana Stage putting final touches on the stage and the grounds to welcome our community TONIGHT to our one-night-only show,
“Womb of Light: A Ceremonial Performance.”

With perfect imperfection, all the things will get done, maybe not by me,
which has also been my theme song over the past few months,
as I have been preparing this year
to birth myself into the new and improved 40 years-young model of myself.

My birthday is October, 25th, 1977…
the same day as my grandmother Stella Krzton’s birthday,
and several friends, dear little Hummina, daughter of dear friends, Meixa and Av,
and wild, free, musical medicine-man, Solus Matthew,
and of course, Picasso!

This year I will be 40.
On my last 39th birthday,
I became painfully aware of several places where my heart, my Soul’s mission,
and the realities of my external life were not aligned.

And it was getting more and more painful all the time.

I made a big decision to go where the flow was,
where I felt invited and welcomed,
which led me to Standing Rock to work in the Medic area as a massage therapist, there.

I only lasted a week before getting sick, myself,
and needing to go home, to avoid being a burden to the already taxed community there, which was multiplying by the hour with people from all over the world,
rallying in support if the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota people
gathered there to protect the water.

While I was there, though,
I gave 30 people deep tissue massage sessions,
including Lakota grandmothers, peaceful warrior men,
friends from all over the planet there to help,
one woman who was seriously injured by a concussion grenade,
and one little girl,
minutes before a call went out over the camp loudspeaker
to gather all women and children to the Dome,
out of fear that child protection services was going to come
and round them all up, and once again in Native history,
seek to break apart families,
attempting to weaken and threaten the people in that way,
as has been done for 500 years.

Being a sensitive being myself,
who walks with varying degrees of my own PTSD,
it was a very unique experience to go into a peaceful village,
surrounded by a war zone, and offer calm, and nurturing touch.

The experience of giving safe, calm, nurturing touch to those beautiful beings
entered my own body in ways that words will never touch.

I heard the call from the Lakota elders while I was there in the women’s meetings,
to take these teachings and learnings back to our own communities,
and so I started to think about how I could best
bring the messages I learned there,
back here to Ashland, and beyond.

I started to weave my education, my skills, my privilege,
my dreams, my visions, my abilities, and my light
along with my shadows and shortcomings together, and frustrations with society,
all together,
and what was birthed was the Resilience and Resistance Training Class.

Womb of Light: A Ceremonial Performance is the final project
of the deep work of 21+ people in our community,
committed to being peaceful warriors and helping to weave our community together
in even more warm, compassionate and functional ways.

The result hasn’t always been pretty.

This has been a 14 week process,
beginning with Imbolc, the midpoint between
the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

This week, this process comes to a close, here at Beltane,
the midpoint between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

This alignment is intentional…
the creation of a community building project
to carry us from the darkness of winter, through the rebirth of spring.

Womb of Light acknowledgment of the shadows, the darkness, our personal and community challenges, and seeks to shine the light within our own hearts to harvest our gifts, our skills, our talents to help turn this ship around together.

As the vessel for this project, I see this moment as a crucial learning moment for our community and our world…a moment of evolution from self awareness to awareness of the collective, a moment of evolution from isolation to interdependence. And I see this moment as only just beginning. Womb of Light seeks to truly proclaim this evening as a very real turning point for us as individuals offering you our gifts tonight.

We have each grown in unimaginable ways over the course of this 14 week process.

Womb of Light also seeks to declare this place, this stage, this land, this valley, as a womb of light, quite literally opening up the portal for even more brilliance, beauty, creativity, contribution, community-weaving and learning
to shine through from this day forward.

May this place where we are
be the Epicenter of Global Transformation
that we all want it to be.

From this day forward,
may we all declare ourselves Epicenters of Global Transformation…
and Truly, Truly we can help each other
to BE the Change we are Wishing to see in this World.

If you are local, please join us:
Womb of Light: A Ceremonial Performance
Jackson WellSprings
Seamana Amphitheater
6-9 pm

After being educated by Dan Wahpepah, a local teacher of Decolonization,
to ask permission from the Thirteen Grandmothers
to use their photo as inspiration for this project,
it brought tears to my eyes to receive this message back from their representative:“Good blessings on your project,

International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers”

What an honor to receive the blessing of these elders from around the world who shared a common vision to unite in protection of our planet and our people.

Also, birthing simultaneously with this project, is the Ashland High School Wellness Center, which is the heart-child of Kate Joss-Bradley, a senior at AHS, and Libby Edson, founder of Yo Mind, a program that brings yoga to schools,
and so many of us across the planet who have wanted our young people
to have a safe space to go, and access to just the help and support they are needing~

It’s been an honor to step on board for this project and serve.
If you would like more information about this project,
and how you can get involved, feel free to reach out.

In May, if all goes according to plan, I will be headed to Nice, France for a priestess initiation in the lineage of Mary Magdalene, and then to Rome, Italy to teach at the Goddess Temple there, for the 1 year anniversary of the opening of this temple.

If you would like to contribute to my pilgrimage,
here is a link:

Thank you for reading all of this, and blessing me with your Presence and your Prayers as we move into Opening Night, and the Opening of this Center, and the Opening of my 4th decade of life, with a brand new way to work for the good of all beings.

Please know that whatever you are going through, or have gone through,
is valuable fuel and treasure for whatever unique contributions are wanting to be born through you, too, one day at a time.

All Hands On Deck.
Let’s turn this ship around.



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