Resilience and Resistance Training: February 1-May 3, 2017

A 14-Week Non-Violence Training and
Individual/Community Activation Course
Jackson Wellsprings Community Room
Wednesday Mornings

February 1st: Imbolc-May 3: Beltane 
8:30-10:30 am

Interdependence~Community~Physical Movement~Contribution

“Let us put our minds together
and see what life we can make for our children.”

~Sitting Bull

“Resilience and Resistance Training” is
a health-promoting, intergenerational community-building,
activist-inspiring 14-week immersion where you will:

  • meditate
  • engage in physical exercise
  • practice yoga
  • collaborate with community members for cultural change
  • organize ourselves to strengthen and connect our community
  • learn the art. science and practice of nonviolence/ahimsa

Group interaction and fun, meaningful homework will give to the sense of accountability and belonging that will support us in showing up powerfully at a time when our world most needs us to show up and shine.
Jaime D. Powell is a Transformation Artist,,
an inspiring creative, courageous genius who continues to inspire other creative courageous genii (for 21 years and counting) to *be the change we wish to see*
by becoming the next Buddha incarnation: all together,
birthed as a global community of the people
united in the name of Dynamic Peace and Love~*

Jaime has accumulated many tools that she employs in her workshops:
meditation, yoga, NVC, NLP, play, dance, art, sacred performance
all in the name of transforming our selves and our world through social artistry.

Allow Jaime Powell to inspire you to bring forth your heart’s relevant work,
to hold you accountable to bringing that vision forward,
to remind you of our interdependence and the urgency of the moment,
and to hold the space for you to manifest your greatness,
and our community to manifest its greatness!
The time is Now.

Register Here: Three Choices for On-Line Payment

Early Bird Special: $250 by January 27th.

Buy Now Button

Tuition: $300 Paid in full by February 1st.
Buy Now Button

Payment Plan: $110 to start/ Payments of $110 due March 1st and April 1st.

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Cash/Checks also gratefully accepted:
Contact me for those arrangements:

2 Full and 2 Partial Scholarships Available:
There are also two scholarships available and two partial scholarships.
These are based on financial need, and personal commitment to the process.

Here is the link to the scholarship application form:

I encourage students to sponsor community members
who could benefit from and enjoy this depth of work,
and immediately apply this training to their lives,
but may not currently have financial funds to pay for tuition.

Please support local indigenous people and people of color,
women, elders and youth to participate, as well,
and if you have the funds, please consider sponsorship.

Thank you so much,
Jaime Powell

Please contact me for further information or questions:

Jaime D. Powell
Inspiring Creative Courageous Genius
Transformative Arts Collaborations
“Loving myself one breath at a time, encouraging others to do the same.”


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