Spring Equinox to Summer Solstice 2015

Hello Beloveds~

Catalyzed by a 2 week window sandwiched by eclipses, this season carries the opportunity for deep and powerful transformation. Personally, during this season, I will be “going Bi-coastal,” moving to Ashland, Oregon on May 5th. This change came for me from a call to expand, and spread my wings in new directions. I tuned in, and listened to my gut, and followed my heart, and Ashland is where it is leading me.

Before I go, I am dedicating my remaining time here to saying “goodbye for now” really well…What an honor to have lived in the Piedmont region of North Carolina for the past 12 years. I arrived in a state of grief from my father’s recent passing, back in 2003, and quickly enjoyed the embrace of the vast and deep healing community here in Carrboro. Amazing therapists, bodyworkers, support groups, healing modalities have helped me to become the full embodiment of my self that I am today. I learned how to become involved, to roll my sleeves up and get to work, and actually “be the change” I wish to see in the world.

I became a puppeteer at Paperhand Puppet Intervention, and was present for the birth of the Flowjo, an amazing hooping, dancing and circus arts hub, which has deepened my understanding of community more than I ever thought possible. The Human Kindness Foundation welcomed me to the land which became  the Stone House, my home away from home ever since…and now that land is changing ownership, beautifully aligned with all the movement that is in the air, as the clock ticks on, and the seasons change.

In the midst of all this transformation, I am eager to work with individuals who are also growing and changing. I have found it to be so crucial for myself to have an ally, and even a team, to navigate life’s challenges, which is why I absolutely love who I am and all that I offer.

The month of April will be a special one for me as I leave the nest that Carrboro has been for me. As a way to say goodbye really well to loved ones, I will be offering massage therapy and bodywork, yoga classes for adults and children, a special 5 day cleanse workshop, a collaborative workshop, and a going-away dance party.

And, as always, I share my reality in this intimate level with you, to inspire you to catalyze your own dreams and visions~and I close with this amazing medicinal language:
“I always get exactly what I want or Something Even Better.”

This season, be courageous enough to dream and vision,
and bold enough to follow through on those dreams.
Now is the time to live the way you have always wanted,
The stars are all aligned with your mission,
Mother Earth *rejoices” in support of your vision.

Happy Equinox, now go embody your dreams!


Solstice 2014-Equinox 2015

The call is echoing from my heart to yours….
Let’s Collaborate! Let’s PLAY together in 2015!!!

After a super-inspiring meeting with Abundance NC today, as well as correspondence with the Orange County Rape Crisis Center, Girls Rock, NC, Journey of Young Women, and my on-going work with Bari Tessler Linden and her Art of Money course…I am soooo inspired to really immerse in dream-time right here and now. As the moon waxes into a New Moon Solstice to close out our 2014, in the fertile darkness, I want to collaborate with you to open a bright new year, with great intention, clarity, focus, and heart-connection.

What really matters to you? Are you doing *that*?
Who really matters to you? Do they know it?
Are there any stuck places in your life that are ready to move and be cleared?
What is the quality of your health and vibrancy? Ready to do something about *that*?

My hope is that this brief blog entry just calls your attention
to our planet’s position in space, in the calendar,
to the the current state of your physical body, and
to your sense of purpose and contribution, here at this moment in your life.

Our world needs her people to be as tuned in, turned on, awake and alive…
all hands on deck to deal with some of the gigantic issues our generation is facing.

“I am poised at a new threshold, with everything I could possibly need
to create an amazing new year.”

“People are eager and delighted to support me generously when I do what I love.”

“Doing what I love serves others.”

What can we do together, that enhances the amazingness that we are, individually?

Happy New Moon and Solstice envisioning~

Equinox 2014: Calling my Seasonal Tribe Together~

My work this upcoming season will be mainly local to the Carrboro/Chapel Hill area, which is rare for me.

Over the past 2 years, I have led my coaching courses nationally and internationally.

This season, I am excited to be gathering a local tribe to go through this journey with the
ability to physically move together, the option of using healing touch,
eye gazing and in person intentional dialogue and group discussion.
This journey will take place at The Flowjo, and will begin September 21st,
with a free sample journey this coming Sunday, September 14th, from 9-10:30 am,
before Ecstatic Dance.

I thought it would be a good idea to let people know the sort of ally
they are getting when they sign up to work with me.
I’ve had a lot of help in naming the unique medicine that I walk with from different allies I’ve had in my life.

From Lauren Jubelirer, Shamanic Astrologer and Acupuncturist,
I’ve received the image of the “Light Side of the Dark Madonna”…
speaking to my ability to go into “darker” places and bring lightness, joy and even a sense of humor.

From John Breckenridge, one of my longest-term allies,
I’ve gotten that my medicine is the ability to be radically honest, transparent,
a visionary healer, anchored in the embodiment of Abundance!
From Catherine Cadden, I’ve gotten the message that one aspect of my medicine is Joy.

From one of my more anonymous allies, I’ve received that I walk
with a powerful fire that burns away impurities and obstacles to sanity and peace,
but also the sooting quality of a cleansing, gentle waterfall to soothe and renew.

I attract people to playfully work with me who are at a crossroads in life…
some significant chapter of life is coming to an end,
and they are getting the opportunity to recreate themselves in some way.

Some have had a relationship end and they are seeing the way they showed up and
aspects of themselves that are ready to die away.
Some have had a major job change, and they are seeking to re-create themselves.
Some are mothers whose children are moving through a developmental phase,
and now mom gets an opportunity to be reborn, and move consciously through her own developmental phase.

At any rate, given the sort of ally I am, and the sort of work I do, my courses, circles, and journeys
really do have the potential to offer you just the crucible and catalyst
you have been calling in to support your next intentional,
conscious evolution and rebirth in this lifetime.
You really do get to be the author of your own experience.
And I get to support you in writing that next chapter

When you choose to playfully work with me,
I get to be your muse, your cheerleader, your coach…
*and* most importantly…your Equal Conscious Partner in
Transformation and Consciously Directed Evolution!

Celebrating the Cycles of Life: Thank you, Solstice~

Summer Solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year,
when the sun reaches its peak,
but then begins to decline.

Solstice reminds us that the wheel must always turn,
all things must pass, the flower must fade for the fruit to form.

So love it all the more, and appreciate more deeply those moments of perfect beauty,
knowing they will fade away like the sunset.

And yet, like the sunrise, always they return again.
I begin a journey this week with a handful of people.
I will “hold the space” or “facilitate”  a journey together for the next 3 months,
where as a “coach” or even better, an ally,
I will be supporting the intentional evolution and conscious creations of each individual
in the group and myself, as well…as the only real way to lead or inspire, in my experience,
is by living my own, full, beautiful thriving life, and sharing honestly and openly,
all the celebrations and mournings along the way.

Given today’s technology, we can all live in different areas of the world,
and still be in “circle” the ancient way of coming together,
in tribe, to support each other’s individual journey through life.
I am so very grateful to be able to do my Soul’s work in this way.

I see the Summer Solstice as a beautiful way to begin…
even thought it is an “ending” in some ways…
a perfect time to look back and reflect on the creations of the previous season,
and use *all of it* to learn and grow.

When I lead a Group Coaching Course,
there are always similar themes:
how to take better care of ourselves,
eat better, stay hydrated, move our bodies, get more rest,
stay connected to community…
and then there are the Big Ideas that want to be birthed…
the special gatherings, the new career shifts, relationship changes,
and then navigating life’s unexpected twists and turns…

I lead these groups to re-member the circle,
to re-member the cycles,
to re-member our natural abundance and thriving.

Simple Abundance.
Abundant Simplicity.

There is still room to join this 3 month journey.
And as always, if this journey is not a good fit for you at this time,
I accept your prayers and well-wishes for us as a group
of courageous individuals who are daring to let our wildest dreams,
fears, hopes, dreams, shadows  and light to Be Seen, Be Witnessed and Be Transformed!

May you enjoy Health in your body,
Peace in your Spirit,
Love in your heart,
and Open Paths to Follow~

Love Always,
Swamini VaJaiJaiMa
Shaman Vag-enis

Half Moon/Solstice~

Hello Dear Friends~

There has been some serious joking about me starting a church as Shaman Vag-enis…
While that would be extra awesome, the thing that I can offer you for now,
is my Hoop Group Coaching Course! This course is a way to connect, to visualize, to embody and
to build your own Circles of Support in order to manifest your big, beautiful visions.

My 2014 Solstice to Equinox Course is starting bit differently this time…
this time I’m connecting with participants individually
by phone through the week of the Solstice so that I can really hear people’s intentions, and help
really hone the focus on a few achievable and manageable goals for the next season ahead.

Then, we will meet by phone as a group
*the day(s) before*
the New Moons and Full Moons…
this is so that I can actively support my community in
**building their own communities** around the moon phases!

This could include creating a ritual to honor the moon by yourself, with your family,
or with just a few friends…or maybe you start to host your community’s radical Full Moon/New Moon burns…
fire circle, drumming, fire arts…or Moon Based Hoop Jams or Ecstatic Dances or Circus Art Performances…

Whatever it means for *You,* the focus of this year’s group is on empowerment, developing one’s own self care rituals, and stepping in to community development on a local and global scale…and creating vibrant health through the use of resources to do that…our own wise handling of time, treasure and talent is what keeps us thriving and healthy in a sustainable way!

As I care for myself,
this ripples outward and affects the people that share my home,
my community, my planet,
so this course is, for me personally,
an awesome way that I can support these positive rippling effects in the world.

What is the big, beautiful dream you are wanting to manifest this season? this year?

Allow me, as a Life Coach and Awesome Ally,
to support you and hold you through this process….
Allow this group to develop into one of your Circles of Support…
Give yourself the Priceless Gift of a Container to hold the Flow of Your Life Force and Dreams,
and connect them deeply in to the season, and the phases of the moon!!!
I find my dreams to be unstoppable when I align them with the movement
and phases of these heavenly astral bodies~

Thank you for reading, for allowing yourself to be inspired,
and I want to invite you to take the next step…message me, call me , email me,
or just go ahead and register for this course…
it’s one thing to see that something is a good idea,
and quite another to say Yes to Good Orderly Direction,
tosecure it in one’s schedule and to Commit to One’s Visions and Dreams with tools that can absolutely help with the manifestation of one’s dreams, visions and purpose…

I’ll close this blog with my favorite Goethe quote:

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back– Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

New Moon: May 2014

Freshly Inspired from my experience at Hoop Convergence 2014…(www.hoopconvergence.org)

On this New Moon May 2014, in Gemini, I am reminded by the astrologers at Mystic Mama that this New Moon is a call for change…an opportunity for us all to “extricate ourselves from situations that provide no opportunity for personal growth. This New Moon carries with it the energy of objectives, goals, hunting, pursuit, quest, preparation, readiness, skills and ambition.”
The question, “What would I be doing if I were fearless?” rings out to us in the dark, star-lit sky tonight…and in this blog post, I am sharing my own most recent growth opportunity, what I learned, and I am offering you an invitation to join my 3 month Solstice to Equinox Group Coaching session, to help you lay a sweet and solid foundation for your creation in the Earth-based year ahead~ Register Here~

After being deeply immersed in massage and bodywork training at Body Therapy Institute, for the past 9 months, I have been practicing some hard-core containment and re-channeling of my big, beautiful Energy,
and developing myself as a new kind of professional.
By the time this past weekend rolled around, I was beyond ready to bust out this year and
be wild and free at one of my favorite gatherings,
Hoop Convergence, a gathering of hoop dancers and circus artists.

If you were ever there, this year or before, you know the magic and wonder to which I am referring.

I’ve had many different experiences at this gathering from just teaching morning yoga, to holding sacred space for the opening and closing ceremonies, to fully participating in the wide array of challenging and stimulating classes offered by the world-class (seriously!) teachers that Julia Hartsell and Scott Crews call in from near and far.

This year, I had the honor of offering free student massages to the teachers, private somatic life coaching sessions to the participants, and morning yoga. While all this was very rewarding and Soul-satisfying, occasionally while waiting for my next client to arrive, my eyes would longingly drift to the tents set up with people playing, laughing and learning.

While I was definitely needing a sense of Contribution and Competence in my development as a healer, the need for Play and Fun were really pulling at my heart, trying to get my attention. So, when the opportunity presented itself to be the emcee for the wildly fun Renegade Show, I felt my Whole Being step up with total Joy and Conviction.

I needed this. On so many levels.
But How?
This Renegade Show audience can be tough,
especially due to the audience’s free license to heckle performers
to their heart’s desire.
I started to sweat…show in 90 minutes…still needed: a character, the line up of acts, a costume, and a script!

A dear friend, and Solstice to Equinox community member, Robyn Brehaut, stepped over to me, ready to play. As we contemplated different costumes in Maria Reynold’s (another S2E community member) amazing store, the Duchess of Something Fabulous, we could hardly speak between shrieks of laughter. Two characters would be born right then and there, Shaman Vagenis and Sherpa Mo…both Beings of Healing Love and Light, gifted with Gender Expansion.
With the help of Maria’s costume magic, we were now ready to give the priceless gift of laughter
to all who chose to give our beloved Renegade Show a chance.

We all pulled it off…the audience was well-warmed up after the EPIC performances the night before at Cat’s Cradle, the Renegade Performers were totally psyched, and Mo and the Shaman…well, they were ready to practice some pretty potent Alchemy…and everything flowed so beautifully, harmoniously and with a raunchy, spiritual sweetness~

I left Hoop Convergence more in touch with the wholeness and fullness of my Being.
I used the opportunity to really expand myself and be more than I’d been be-ing in my life up until that moment.
Not only do I walk with a deep need for healing, spirituality, contribution, meaning and purpose…I have equal needs for Play, Fun, Freedom and Total Silliness…and the Renegade Show of Hoop Con 2014 made that extremely clear for me.

Making the decision to go to massage school was definitely a stretch for me, born from a desire and a longing for Freedom and Ease around touch, being a survivor and thriver after many, many intense childhood and teenage encounters with touch.

Learning to experience and give healthy, nurturing touch was breaking through many old, unhealthy patterns and beliefs…yet, the level of focus, dedication, and follow-through massage school has been taking was leaving very little room for the other aspects of myself…the big, bold, playful, theatrical, whimsical sides of me were a bit malnourished, and this became all too obvious this year at Hoop Convergence…

So, again…this weekend I stretched myself, guided by my desires and longings.

This moment that I created for myself by having the Renegade Show happen with a total *Bang*reminds me of why I created this group coaching course, back in 2012.

At Hoop Convergence in 2012, I saw myself and other people trying on new things, and new ways of being…I saw us all expanding, and I knew that for myself, going back home after all that expansion could have the potential to be a turbulent reentry, with all of life’s responsibilities knowing at my door, beckoning me back into the life and all the patterns I had before I  went away for the weekend…surely, I couldn’t be alone in this. Come to find out, I wasn’t…since then, we have had four rounds of these courses, all with incredible success, with amazing people coming together to support each other in the tangible creation of their dreams.

I offer this course to you, and to myself, to help keep the momentum of Hoop Convergence
moving forward and integrating into the beautiful, wonderful and full lives that we already have.

As I create this 3 month container for our transformation, I am so aware of how incredibly mutually beneficial this course always is…being an ally for you as you step even more fully into your  Courageous, Beautiful, Wonderful, Wise Self, I get so Inspired in my own life to create even more of my own amazing creations, and the Inspiration Cycle just keeps Flowing!
Register Here~

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, or even give me a call…
I’m totally delighted to hold the space for you as you commit to creating the life of your dreams.

I’ll close this blog post with a few statements that form the foundation of our playful work together:

I am a beautiful, wonderful human being, worthy of All Good Things.
I am 100% responsible for the creation of my own experience.
People are eager and delighted to support me when I do what I love.
Doing what I love serves myself, others and my world.

Namaste, y’all~

Honoring Life and Death~

It is with great joy that I write this post today on Tuesday, October 29th. Ron and I are in the middle of packing up boxes at our old place, selling 2 cars, a washer and a dryer, a bike, and moving over the weekend, from a very sweet village to another very sweet town.
We both knew we wanted to be closer to a way of life and community of people that more closely resonates with the vibration we are wanting to call in: a thriving and conscious social life, walkably-accessible farmer’s market, and thriving local co-op grocery store, as well as endless sweet trails for jogging and walking. We want to teach together and individually, and the spaces available for us in this town are abundant.
Life and Death.
We are both letting go of so much, clothing, dishes, and other physical things in our space, as well as letting go of old habits that have been stifling our flow, our good mojo!
As far as my own old, limiting habits go, I am personally letting go of my own nagging, circulating thoughts that partnerships and families needing to be a struggle…I now welcome the new reality into my life that partnerships and families can be fun, easeful, joyful and radiantly healthy.

We have a new course starting up in December, and between now and then we are walking our own talk: we have spent the past few months writing a shared vision for our lives individually and together, and using the principles of feng shui to clear stuck, old energy; just after this space clearing ritual we were so blessed with abundance coming from every direction in our lives…community, an offer for a new place to live, and so many other gifts…
this week, we are very tangibly doing the hands-on work to shift our reality, and leap into a new vortex of wellness and possibility and say “Yes!” to Life!

It is so crucial as I create my life’s work with my partner, in holding the space for other people’s transformation, that I do my own work, and clear out my own home, my own side of the street!

If you are looking for an ally to support your next transformation, one thing you can count on from us as coaches, is that we are walking our talk every single day, and gently and lovingly being great reminders to each other to continue to evolve into Highest Selves! We will never offer you insights or input that we haven’t tried on ourselves, and anytime we are speaking as coaches, we are fully aware that we need to be hearing what is being said simultaneously!

I am wishing all of you a beautiful transition from October, my favorite month of the year, may you let go all that is dying and dead with ease and grace, knowing that there is even more beauty and goodness waiting for you just around the corner!