April Full Moon in Scorpio~

I’m writing this latest blog on day 4/100 of the 100 day Artist’s Challenge.
Gratitude to friend and fellow catalyst, Marielle Hare,
for offering this opportunity for growth.

The air is buzzing with the tension of Revolution.

Last night, I had the opportunity on the Full Moon to hold the space
for a group of super creative, intelligent and sensitive young people to express themselves.

In the circle, I could tangibly feel the change of the times.
This generation of young people sees the devastation of the current society,
the necessary crumbling of old hierarchical structures,
and they feel and see so deeply the need for something new, different, better.

My current quandary is about leadership.
I am noticing that as an “adult” who has struggled and suffered in my own ways,
I bring a vibration that can be irrelevant to the young ones that I am serving.
Embracing the guidance to “step up and step back” is so important when leaning in to this territory. As an authority figure and an adult, it is necessary that I recognize that people like me are always talking usually “at” youth rather than facilitating real connection, understanding and support.

I find it important to have my own self care team in place so that I am doing my best to keep the room clean of my own agendas and wounds,
so that I can be as present as possible to what is actually arising in the room.

This is a new day, and requires a new way to be a leader, and a teacher…
by being an equal conscious partner and ally.

Young people are brilliant and wise, and
will tell you exactly what they want to learn if you ask.
Then, as a “teacher” it is up to me to learn from this process of mutual learning and growth. It seems to me, in the young people that I encounter,
that there is an extra special and keen “bullshit” monitor that this generation has installed…they have a software upgrade, so to speak!

And it is my experience that I get to be on my toes,
prepare myself for my interaction with these ones,
so that I remember and recognize who it is I am addressing:
the future leaders and caretakers of our people and our planet.

The Revolution that I feel and experience is a deep call
to empowerment
that our people on the whole are receiving,
and a big calling for compassion,
true listening and team building.

To catalyze and facilitate this revolution,
it is a true honor to be able to offer my healing heart and hands to people of all ages.

Sharing meditation and yoga, catalyzing life-coaching conversations,
and therapeutic massage therapy and bodywork
are all ways that I offer the experience to my fellow humans
to take an intentional moment to truly meet and experience themselves,
so that as they move forward from our particular dance together,
there is an even deeper knowing and trusting of one’s body-wisdom,
heart’s intentions/prayers, and clear action steps
to anchor these realizations into their present-life situations.

In my own creative realms, I am delighted to be channeling my own big energy
into a book and continuing education courses for massage therapists and bodyworkers, specifically around touch and consent and the prevention of sexual abuse and trauma.

I want to stand as cause and catalyst for a world
where all ages are deeply respected and honored for the medicine that each of us brings. Elders are venerated, their stories are heard, and their guidance received.
Youth are invited to share their unique perspectives,
being the ones in our tribe who have most recently been
on the other side between life and death.

The particular wisdom and intuitive gut-knowing
that young people have access to is very important for our society to be able to hear.
Being heard, valued and respected,
youth have a greater opportunity to grow into adults
who extend the same compassionate way of being
and dynamic co-creation with their fellow humans.

So, it is my experience that every word that I utter,
especially to the youth, (especially to myself and you)
is crucial in the creation of a better tomorrow.

That being said, I personally, have a lot to learn and
a lot to share about communication and
facilitation of this next generation’s
emergence into adulthood.

I welcome opportunities to connect about this topic,
to support each other as allies for youth,
so feel free to reach out and contact me personally,
through email or by phone.

Jaime Powell
Transformative Arts Collaborations


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