Teaching at Sacred Circularities 2013
Teaching at Sacred Circularities 2013

1. What is Life Coaching? 
The way that I see it, I am literally like a cheerleader standing on the side lines of your life, who also happens to know a few key plays that can help to improve your game, after 16 years of holding the space for awesome people to make changes in their lives. You are in charge, and I continue to point you to your own heart, your beautiful and wonderful self, and the Infinite Wisdom that dwells there, just waiting to be accessed.

2. How does it work?
Register and pay for the course to ensure your own commitment to this journey. When you are registered, you and I will set up an appointment for our first session by phone or Skype. In this first session, I can answer any questions you have and support you in honing and polishing your intentions, goals and visions for the next season together…this way you get a clear map for the direction you are steering your personal journey.

3. What is the Format for the course?

Included in the tuition are 3- 1 hour private phone/Skype Coaching Sessions with ME personally: during these calls, I will hold the space for you, while you point us in the direction of a topic for the call based on what’s real for you in your life on that day. 16 years of studying and practicing various formats of compassionate and intentional listening skills, Focusing with Cathy Pascal, Non-Violent Communication with Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens, the study of Transformational Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with Leela Breedlove, and the art and practice of Joyful Abundance with John Breckenridge as well as 4 years of yoga teacher training with Ti Harmony, Lisa Clark and David Beadle all contribute to my gentle and powerful way of listening and guiding you to your own heart’s desires.

Then there are bi-monthly group calls, aligned with the phases of the moon…we will meet just before the new moon and the full moon, so that on the actual days of those peak moon phases, you and I are free to create/attend local Full Moon and New Moon gatherings, so that we can build our own communities. On the calls, each person gets a limited amount of time to share their success, their perceived failures, perceived obstacles, frustrations, mournings and celebrations…when we take the time to really listen to each other and share; we actually get a window into each other’s process and that helps to build compassion for ourselves, each other, and a super-powerful catalyst to get off the phone and GETERDONE!

And lastly, you will have access to daily inspiration from a Secret Facebook page. I will check this page on a daily basis and respond to any quandary/experience you are  wanting to share, and you will also have access to an amazing and like-minded group of people. All shares on the FB page are held as confidential, and there is a strong vibration of Safety, Trust, Respect and Belonging on this particular page, so prepare yourself for regular downloads of Love, Support, Encouragement, Inspiration, Being Seen, Heard, and Understood.

4. Can’t I just achieve my goals on my own? Why do I need a group like this?
Well. ask yourself this question…you clicked on this page for a reason….
How is your consistency?

Your follow-through on your dreams?

Do you feel a bigger need to be a contribution, and help support other people’s visions?

Are you in a rut?
Ever long for people to share what is *really* going on, underneath all the happy smiles?

Are you in the middle of a big transition and transformation?

We are social creatures, not meant to exist in isolation, yet it takes some effort to create communities founded in safety, trust and respect…we don’t want to air our dirty laundry in a public format, and yet we also don’t want to hold everything inside, or acquire a mental health “ally” that simply wants to label and medicate us to have our life work out….there *is* a better way…and while this course is not the “end all be all solution to life itself,” it is a very powerful tool that can support you in creating a very full tool bag for your self to move into the next phase of your life feeling full, supported and even more equipped to shine your lighe and create your Beauty in the world.

I have found for myself, doing this deep personal work in supportive groups gives me new ideas, helps me to directly experience myself as a contribution in the world, and helps me feel less lonely and isolated…I am also motivated by sharing my breakthroughs and break downs with others, and I always feel stronger and more “together” when a friend has really taken the time to “get” me.

I urge you to consider giving yourself the gift of this solid, confidential container and crucible to help give birth to the next phase of your Beautiful and Wonderful Life!!!!

I know I want you with me on this Adventure!!!

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